Our Mission:
We help British fintechs hedge against Brexit.

Keep your office in London and establish a foothold in Germany.


You can keep the benefits of the London ecosystem and set up a second office in another great spot for fintechs: Germany’s financial heart.
It’s inexpensive and easy! Let us help you establish your presence in the EU and hedge against Brexit.

Join the vibrant international banking sector in the Rhine Main Area, in and around Frankfurt/Main. We know where you can find suitable office space to share. Establish yourself in mainland Europe while keeping your London base.
There’s no need to abandon your business in Britain while you prepare for a worst case Brexit scenario. Have the best of both worlds.

Great space,
low rent

Mainland offers you office space at one tenth of the price you have to pay around Silicon Roundabout. You can rent for very short periods, for as little as one month. If you don’t require the office any longer, you can dismantle operations quickly.

A whole region to
support you

A large international banking industry, a flourishing creative scene and a vibrant fintech community are happy to welcome you. We will help you quickly set up shop, minimize any friction you might encounter and network with the local ecosystem.

Go anywhere
in no time at all

Mainland features excellent traffic connections. Take your car on the Autobahn or the Inter City Express train to anywhere in Germany and central Europe or fly from the airport to any metropolis around the world. You will arrive in record time.

Short distances
within Mainland

Mainland has an excellent local transport infrastructure. You will find everything you need close by. Often you can walk to your business lunch. Sometimes you can even visit several clients without having to leave the building: No problem here.

Big data
on your doorstep

DE-CIX, or Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange, is the largest data exchange point in the world. It is also the reason Mainland has become the largest data hub in Germany.

The right skillsets
for your needs

Being in the financial heart of Germany comes with a few perks. One of them is a labour pool comprising countless financial experts and IT brains. And, even better: Often, you will find both traits in one person.


We are setting everything up for you at the moment. Stay informed about Mainland and how we can help you to prepare for the Brexit, just type in your e-mail adress and hit “sign up”!

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