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How you can use Mainland to hedge against Brexit

The biggest problem associated with Brexit is uncertainty. Right now it is impossible to know how the negotiations concerning Britain’s departure from the EU will turn out. The key facts remain elusive. Will you still be free to sell your products and services to the common market on a level playing field? Will passporting still be possible? Will the EU citizens in your team still be allowed to live and work in the UK?
It is hard to say what will happen. This uncertainty won’t improve the investment climate and may endanger the growth of your company.
Mainland can reassure you by providing the possibility to create a small foothold office, allowing a small team to work and also create a new network with clients and other fintechs. As offices are commonly short-term, your foothold can be agile. It will be easy to increase the size of your Mainland office to accommodate your whole team, or to close it down if it no longer needed. So whichever way the Brexit negotiations take, your company will be prepared. And, just as important: Mainland offers office space at prices of 1/10th of what you are used to in London. This will allow you to hedge with a small investment.

Smooth continuity for your business processes

We are here to help you minimize the cost associated with creating a new office, avoiding any disruption of your business processes. To do so, we will function as your one-stop-contact.

Your one-stop-contact

To minimise the expenditure in time and money, we will help you with our expertise and network to establish yourself in Mainland as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We will support you in

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